Perception and what is really sexy

What is considered as sexy by some people can be a serious turn off to others. It goes without saying that the old English saying: beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, is a real fact. It is more than just a saying. People’s perceptions vary tremendously and it is really difficult to find two people who have entirely similar perception patterns.

It is thus important to always keep in mind the fact that people are different from each other. This way you will avoid petty conflicts such as those that arise when what you view as nice is not really another person’s idea of the same. When you take into consideration the individual differences in perception you will also find it extremely easy to get along with other people. What is your idea of a sexy woman? There are men who will describe a gorgeous woman as one who dresses properly- another term that is really subjective- and one who is comfortable being herself. Apparently insecure women are a serious turn off to most men. They are not exactly the sexy kind. 

When it comes to men, insecurity is also inadmissible however women learn to accommodate their husbands’/boyfriends’ insecurities to keep a relationship. It is a common agreement that insecure men are not sexy but women tend to overlook this aspect to make their relationships work.

The ultimate definition of being sexy normally goes beyond the physical appearance. A man can be tall, dark and handsome with a very appealing voice and dresses to kill. However, the minute you sit down with him to have lunch, he turns out to be worst person to hold a conversation with. He will no longer be as sexy as you may have thought in the beginning. Thinking patterns, social habits, personal interests and views are considered before classifying someone under the hot or not.

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